Our Mission

Vision statement
RILADEP's vision is a sustainable organization working in partnership with other development agencies, in communities that are healthy, well educated, spiritually developed and economically vibrant in a sound and peaceful environment.

The mission

To improve the living standards of target population in literacy districts through
  1. intensification and expansion of functional literacy drives,
  2. promotion of income generation activities,
  3. environmental protection and spiritual development
  4. to provide functional literacy among the adults and adolescents and to encourage the Konkombas and other ethnic groups in rural areas to send their children of both sexes to school. 
  5. This is aimed at reducing the high rate of illiteracy of the target groups.
  6. To infuse the relevance of literacy and development amongst target groups and promote the use of literature.
  7. To support attempts that improve the socio-economic conditions of the target groups through the provision of credit, technical support and training, which will aim at reducing poverty, give food security, and environmental sensitivity towards programme sustainability.
  8. To encourage the promotion of peace and unity amongst the Konkomba people and other ethnic groups that co-exist with them.