Literacy Programme in the Saboba District

RILADEP has been forming classes in the Saboba Literacy District since February 2016.  83 Literacy classes comprising adults and children have been formed in 60 communities as at September, 2016. This has been the outcome of the district wide Literacy advocacy programme which started in February this year. The learners are currently being assessed upon the completion of the first primer. We wish to extend this to the remaining 10 Literacy Districts in the near future.

Peace Building Programme

The role of peace in promoting development cannot be over emphasized.  For peace they say precede development, as a result and as part of our Peace component, RILADEP is embarking on a District wide peace campaign programme starting on the 3rd of November 2016. The programme is scheduled to start with a WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN MOTHER TONGUE PEACE MATCH on November 3rd 2016. This is aimed at using Children and Women as a mouth piece to advance the need for peace and political tolerance in this electioneering year. As women and children are the most vulnerable in any violence. It’s also aim at imploring our political actors to desist from vulgar and incendiary languages that can breed violence and chaos.